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Build High Performance Teams & Increase Profits Consistently without having to chase customers or sacrifice your personal life for the company!

Increase profits consistently is a challenge for many business owners and leaders, especially when you struggle with management theories that simply don't work for you.

When building high-performance teams and increasing profit margins looks like almost impossible... and you feel overwhelmed with so many things to do, YOU MUST FIND A BETTER WAY...

Deep Trouble...

I once found myself in deep trouble, trying to save a business that was losing money month after month. I thought I was doing my best but didn't have a clue about how to apply those "beautiful" management theories. I was working overtime every single day, not eating well, not sleeping well, and, worse, not getting the results I needed.

Diving Deep...

After diving deep into many management books and courses - and feeling completely overwhelmed - I decided to try to identify the most practical ideas, focusing only on the most useful ones... It was very hard... but it worked.


Within 6 months, we achieved the breakeven point. And, in 2 years, we were positioned within the 3 most profitable operations in the planet in our industry. We had 87% market share and super satisfied customers. And I was working much less and enjoying life much more because I had a high-performance team getting things done with Excellence. That success story launched my new career...

Many Business Owners and Executives started asking me to help them with their businesses... 

Helping Others...

Working as a Business Management Consultant & Executive Coach, I have helped hundreds of organizations (small, medium, and large) to double, triple, and even 10X their Sales while improving Customer Loyalty & Profitability, using the very same management strategies and leadership practices.

Now... to You

NOW, those strategies and practices that I have privately shared with my clients to guarantee their success are AVAILABLE TO YOU in a Practical Guide to increase profits consistently while improving everybody's experience!


It is a straightforward approach to strategic management and the most effective leadership practices on Goal Setting, Communication, Feedback, Empowerment, Team Building, Attracting and Keeping the Best Talent, and much more!

This book is the REAL DEAL, and can really help business owners and executives to achieve extraordinary results while improving everybody’s experience!

It is truly FABULOUS MANAGEMENT SIMPLIFIED, to get things done, increase your profits, and make your life easier, finally.

What Will Happen:

  • You will feel stimulated and motivated to transform your organization into a Benchmark of Excellence!
  • You'll have access to easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement strategies and tools to get results quickly!
  • You will activate your mind and involve your entire team, creating ideas to improve processes and delight your customers!

What You Will Get:

The Best Management Strategy to Increase Profits Consistently!
Including checklists, guides, and techniques to double, triple, and even 10X sales in record time.

The Best Leadership Practices to Build High-Performing "Rock Stars" teams!
How to engage, inspire, and empower your employees to get things done and achieve Excellence in what they do, saving time and money in the process!

The Best Ideas to win loyal customers, amplifying Marketing and Sales ROI
Know how customers think, how they behave, and how they make decisions. And how to prepare your team to communicate with them more effectively.

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Practical Knowledge to Use Everyday

Enough of those mega complicated strategies and business models that nobody can implement in real life.

In this e-bookonly the best and most useful practices so that you can make a difference everyday, starting immediately! And again, everything SIMPLIFIED to help you get results faster.

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What People Say about Fabio Marques

Fábio has been without a doubt the most effective Coach I had the opportunity to engage with. His lessons resonated with me for many years helping me achieve several objectives through my career. It is possible that once in a lifetime you are able to encounter and be part of such a life transforming experience. Thank you Fábio for all your teachings as it has definitely created a huge positive difference in my life.

Eduardo Farinelli
Senior Vice President, Manufacturing South East

I have had the pleasure of hearing Fabio present several times. As a presentation skills trainer and coach, I am a very discerning audience member. He passes my "test" with flying colors! Fabio does an amazing job presenting information in a dynamic and visually captivating fashion. He exhibits great passion for helping people and comes across as the kind of person you'd like to have a cup of coffee with. His sales tips have already helped me qualify my buyers and close more sales!

Marsha Freedman
CEO, Express Yourself Communications, Inc.

He shows the path. Even better, he allows you to discover it by your own means. Have been three years since I'd completed his course and I'm still learning from that. It completely changed my way to go throughout life and to face its everyday challenges. Happy, mindful, effective and rather spontaneous, Fábio Marques not only deserves the title as he is: the Man.

Andre Del Gaudio Chaves
Sustainability Director

I used to work with Fabio during my time at Lucent and I really miss this time. He is a great consultant that brings to the company development, energy and motivation. I have learned a lot with him.

Flavia Rosa
HR Business Partner, Bayer CropScience

Fabio participated in a business seminar directed to Customer Service people from Volvo Cars Brasil dealer network. It was an excellent presentation and motivated even more our network in the daily pursuit of Customer satisfaction. I really like his concept of "Heart Share" instead of just "market share" because this has much more to do with creation of emotional links between the Customer and the brand. His book details in a very interesting way the concept and is an important reading for everyone trying to improve Customer loyalty.

Joao Henrique Garbin de Oliveira
Head of Operations & Innovation
COO/President, Abeifa


Your support is deeply appreciated.

Fabio Marques

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3 Simple Steps to Buy the Book at Amazon


Buy the e-book at amazon for $0.99 (ninety-nine cents).


Select 2 or 3 chapters for you to read this week (in case you feel like you will not be able to read the entire book within a week).


Go back to your order at amazon, click on "Write a product review" and write your honest review about the book, based on the chapters you read.