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What people say:
“In my opinion it was one of the best lectures I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m sure that from now on my life and that of many others who have participated will change and with great success. Thank you for being part of my life and my success.” 

Carlos Roberto Luiz 
“Wonderful, enthusiastic, I felt renewed at the end of the talk and with the certainty that I have much to learn and that life is amazing.” 

Cristiane de Andrade 
"The work developed by Fabio Marques Company is outstanding!  
It is surprising how Fabio immerses himself in the projects and challenges proposed to him. His dedication and commitment are exceptional! 
Our organization has a major challenge for transforming our culture, to be totally Customer Focused, being a Complete Solution provider that adds value to the customer. Fabio is acting as an essencial agent of this transformation. His constant enthusiasm and optimism encourage our employees to believe in this change, that we are capable of. His management experience and interpersonal skills help tremendously in this process. 
Fabio has been conducting Leadership-Coaching workshops to our entire management team, training our Sales Teams on Sales Force Effectiveness and educating our Customer Care organizations on Customer Centric behavioral techniques, delivering outstanding lectures and seminars which already have more than 750 participants, in addition to essential participation in strategic events of our business units. The results are clear: understanding the methodologies, motivation on the part of the participants and total credibility on the part of the Management. 
We are very pleased with the partnership we have established with Fabio Marques Company. 
Undoubtedly, Fabio is a transformation agent. He makes the difference!” 

Daniele Miranda  
“This training was great, one of the best I’ve ever participated in.
I just loved it and will take a lot of learning from this talk. Congratulations to everyone who has held this event and especially to Fabio Marques.” 

Pamela Albuquerque
“It is a very productive, dynamic, lively talk, and the essential thing is that it awakens the best in us and makes us feel very confident in ourselves, a flawless speech.” 

Bruna Palácio