Motivation + Music
in a Unique Combination

Put together a High Energy Corporate Motivational Speaker and a group of Highly Professional and Talented Musicians, Singers and Songwriters, and you have something UNIQUE for your next event!

Imagine your teams ENERGIZED and INSPIRED to do their VERY BEST for your customers and for your organization, after living an extraordinary experience with the right music and right message to build the positive mindset they need to succeed under any circumstances...

Fabio like Elvis
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Fabio Marques #1 Expert on Magna Influence Communication

Fabio Marques

International Motivational Speaker with a special background in acting and dancing, Fabio is also the singer/songwriter, the creator and leader of the MotivaMusic Project. With over 16,000 hrs on stage in more than 20 countries, Fabio has been trusted by organizations such as Apple, BASF, Cisco, Citibank, Gerdau, JLL, Lush, Merck, Microsoft, Motorola, P&G, TIVIT, and hundreds of others, to inspire, engage, and empower their teams in Latin America, United States, and Europe.

MotivaMusic Band 1

MotivaMusic Band

Professional Musicians, Singers and Songwriters with a Purpose: Elevate the Spirit, the Morale, the Creativity and Productivity of your teams, helping your organizations achieve better results with high energy and enthusiasm. With carefully selected songs (that have the power to unite people and put them in the right state of mind), the MotivaMusic Band touches the heart of any audience, making them achieve the highest possible levels of positive energy, creating memorable moments that stimulate maximum performance.

Fabio and huge audience
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